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3 Blazing Manes is the perfect alternative to the large, busy, overpopulated, drama-laden,
expensive and restrictive environments of the high-end stables. We have no walls of ribbons or
trophies, no horses of prestigious bloodlines, and no hoity attitudes. Consequently, you do not invariably help subsidize such activities.


For boarders there are no lengthy-stay restrictive contracts. We prorate by the day. Come anytime of the month. You are only charged by the date of arrival and departure. We simply ask for a 30-day notice of departure. We even have reasonably-priced local trailering services available.  


For riding students, we have lesson packages for any budget.  


Each horse is so unique and treated so at 3BM. Each individual’s care is based on their unique personalities, emotions, habits, nutritional needs and comforts. Our goal is to create an environment where both horse and owner are comfortable, happy, safe and healthy. Whether your horse is an accomplished competitor, your trusted pleasure rider or an older fella looking for a loving home to live out his years, 3 Blazing Manes is the place to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.


Don’t own a horse? We are here for you as well offering group and private lessons (English and Western), trail rides and fun days. We especially appreciate working with those (of any age) new to horsemanship and those with physical and/or mental special needs.


For the experienced rider, we often have horses available for lease (if the fit is right between horse and rider).



We have no dress codes although helmets are required for all minors and strongly encouraged for the rest. We do have comfortable facilities,
a friendly atmosphere, and a commitment to quality care of your loved one in a nurturing, informal environment.


3 blazing Manes LLC

5679 Snapps Creek RD, Singers Glen, VA 22850










They were so patient with my daughter, who had never been on a full size horse. Great tips for rusty riders. Very knowledgable staff and well-loved, good temperament horses.

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Oh, But there is so much more!

Please come for a visit!

I will be waiting right here for you.

Great job Smokey

Another positive relationship

Winter brings a quiet calm*

Southern quaintness abounds*

Emotional needs are as important as physical needs. Our horses are fielded by personality not rules.*

Having fun at 3BM   

Ready for another ride

* Images taken by Shawnna Miller