Couple ride on horses side by side while holding hands
Riding brings out Togetherness!
Boy sitting on Banjo the horse.
Banjo and friend!

3 Blazing Manes LLC

388 Mt Torrey Rd, Lyndhurst, VA 22952

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Facebook: 3 Blazing Manes LLC

Phone: 540-519-3155

3 Blazing Manes is located in Lyndhurst, VA - adjacent to Waynesboro

Horse Boarding

Discover a haven for your beloved four-legged companions at our premier horse boarding facility. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional care and amenities for your horses. Our spacious and well-maintained stables offer a safe and comfortable environment, ensuring that your horses receive the utmost care and attention they deserve. Our experienced and compassionate staff is on hand 24/7, guaranteeing that your horses' needs are met at all times.

Riding Programs

Whether you're a beginner rider or an experienced equestrian, our riding programs cater to all skill levels. Our certified instructors are passionate about teaching and share their extensive knowledge of horsemanship with patience and enthusiasm. We offer private and group lessons, allowing riders to develop their skills at a pace that suits them best. From basic riding techniques to advanced training, our diverse range of lessons ensures that everyone can find the perfect fit for their equestrian journey.

Trail Riding

Embrace the beauty of Virginia's stunning horse country as you explore picturesque trails and scenic landscapes. Our trail riding experiences are unparalleled, offering an immersive opportunity to connect with nature while forging a bond with your horse. Whether you prefer a leisurely ride through rolling hills or an exhilarating trek through dense forests, our trails cater to all preferences and levels of adventure.

Equestrian Community

Beyond boarding and riding, our facility is a hub for equestrian enthusiasts, offering a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for horses. Join us for social events, educational workshops, and friendly competitions that celebrate the unique bond between humans and their equine companions.