2 girls giving horse a shower bath
Bath Time!

Horse Boarding and Riding Facilities

An exceptional horse barn facility designed to delight and captivate both horse boarders and horse riders. Set against a breathtaking backdrop of rolling hills and lush pastures, our state-of-the-art facility promises an unparalleled equestrian experience.


For our esteemed horse boarders, we offer spacious and well-ventilated stalls that are meticulously cleaned and bedded with top-quality straw or shavings. Each stall is equipped with rubber matting to ensure the utmost comfort for our equine guests. Our dedicated and highly skilled staff is available 24/7, providing attentive care and individualized treatment for each horse.

Turnout and Grazing

3 Blazing Manes offers a variety of boarding options tailored to the specific needs of every horse. From individual turnout paddocks with abundant grazing space to large group turnout pastures for socializing, we prioritize the well-being and contentment of our equine residents. Our meticulously maintained pastures provide lush, nutrient-rich grazing and include run-in sheds for shelter during inclement weather.

Riding Facilities

As an avid horse rider, you'll find our facility to be a haven of equestrian delight. In addition, we have outdoor areas that provide breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, allowing riders to connect with nature as they pursue their passion.

Amenities and Services

3 Blazing Manes is equipped with a comprehensive range of amenities designed to support riders in their equestrian pursuits. We offer access to knowledgeable trainers and experienced riding instructors proficient in various disciplines, catering to riders of all levels, from beginners to seasoned competitors. Regular clinics and workshops with esteemed professionals are also organized to inspire and enhance the skills of our riders.


Our facility boasts an extensive network of scenic trails meandering through picturesque landscapes, offering the perfect setting for leisurely hacks or invigorating trail riding adventures. Riders can explore the beauty of nature while forging a deep bond with their equine companions.


At 3 Blazing Manes, we understand that the equestrian lifestyle encompasses more than just horses; it's about fostering a sense of community. We organize regular social events, such as barbecues and educational seminars, creating opportunities for horse enthusiasts to connect, share stories, and forge lasting friendships.

Whether you're a passionate horse rider seeking a supportive community or a horse owner looking for the utmost care and comfort for your equine partner, 3 Blazing Manes is the place where equestrian dreams come to life.